Registrations for summer courses and camps are OPEN!
Registrations for summer courses and camps are OPEN!


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Gymnathlon methodology

Gymnathlon is a multifaceted sports program providing complex sports development for the child. Gymnathlon’s aim is to help children develop a lifelong love for sports in a playful and entertaining way. It teaches children the key skills appropriate to their age and for this purpose, Gymnathlon is structure into 3 consecutive programs.

2.5–4 years

  • First meeting with the movement of 10 basic skills
  • Building independence

4–6 years

  • General development
  • Athletic and gymnastic exercises, movement games
  • Building sports motivation

6–9 years

  • Teaching the basics of 6 sports
  • Analysis of sports prerequisites SportAnalytikTM
  • Development of team spirit and cooperation

8–11 years

  • Building fitness and regular movement habits
  • Developing 7 key physical abilities
  • Circuit training, technical exercises, movement games

Emphasis on maximum playfulness and experience

Game plan for every child

with motivational stickers

For every completed training session, children collect stickers for their game plans. Stickers strengthen children’s motivation as they guide them throughout the course. The stickers also help parents understand the content and program of the Gymnathlon course.

Monkey Max

The mascot that children love!

The whole training is followed by our monkey ‘Max’. Max supports children not only during the training itself but also outside of it. Every week one child can take Max home for a week and share his/her family sports experiences with other children through Max's notebook.

2 coaches and max capacity of 20 children in a course

In courses Junior, Sportmix and Active

To ensure quality of the training and maximum sports experience, Gymnathlon concept is based on the limited capacity of children in each course and 2 coaches. Coaches strive to give all children the very best experience from every Gymnathlon training.

Development of key skills

Area of development Key skills
Physical skills Climbing and crawling
Ball games
Tactical skills Spatial orientation
Technical skills Throwing
Personal development Friendship
Area of development Key skills
Physical skills Run
Crawling and rolling
Boat and hollow
Exercise with equipment
Movement coordination
Tug of war
Tactical skills In-game awareness
Technical skills Throwing and catching
Ball throw
Personal development Concentration
Sport Key physical skills
Tennis Speed
Volleyball Explosiveness
Basketball Explosiveness
Athletic Speed
Gymnastic Power
Parkour Power

System of training of our coaches

We firmly believe in the concept of Gymnathlon courses and we are aware that the most crucial element of the courses are our coaches.

For this reason we select our coaches carefully and train them on an ongoing basis. Each coach is required to participate in an introductory training course and subsequent training, during which they enhance thier qualification. The content of the training also involves understanding of Gymanthlon methodology both from the theoretical as well as practical point of view.

Guarantors of the methodology

Gymnathlon methodology is based on a mix of exercises and games and was developed in cooperation with experts from the Faculty of sports, Charles University in Prague and experts from sports clubs. One of the key elements considered while designing the exercises was the element of fun and joy for children while taking into account the importance of complex physical development of the child.

Doc. PaedDr. Tomáš Perič, Ph.D.

Main guarantor of the Gymnathlon programme
Head of the Department of Pedagogy, Psychology and Didactics of PE and Sport, Charles University

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Regional Manager - South

"Our wish is that children fall in love with sport. For this reason we want to present sport to children in a playful way and not as a stresfull activity full of drills. We want every Gymnathlon training to be a positive experience when children forget about the world around them and come back excited and happy. We want Gymnathlon to be one of the first steps on the path to a lifelong love for sport."

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