Registrations for summer courses and camps are OPEN!   Registration for the season 24/25 is open for all children !
Registrations for summer courses and camps are OPEN!   Registration for the season 24/25 is open for all children !


  • Přihlašování bude spuštěno 1. června 2021.
  • Všem aktuálním účastníkům pošleme včas email s personifikovaným registračním odkazem.
  • Noví zájemci se mohou registrovat po výběru preferovaného kurzu přímo přes náš web.
  • Kdo nevydrží do září, může se zúčastnit našich letních kempů anebo v rámci letní přípravy trénovat podle našich online tréninků ;-)
Non-Formal Education Provider Tax Rebate
up to € 300

per child

Complex sports program for children ages 2.5 - 11

based on principles of

comprehensive movement development

instead of

single specialization

fun and enthusiasm

instead of

pressure for performance and results

finding natural talent

instead of

a random choice
of sport

How does Gymnathlon work?

and multiform training
Small groups
of children run by
two coaches
Methodology developed by experts from Charles University of Sport
in Prague
Game plan with reward stickers to motivate children

Courses are led by experienced and qualified coaches who undergo a rigorous training system.

Gymnathlon has already been completed by more than 20,000 children in 7 EU coutries, whose parents have rated their satisfaction with its progress as 9.4 out of 10.

Our aim is to help children develop a lifelong love for sports in a playful and entertaining way.

Children 2.5 – 4 years with parents

The first acquaintance with movement accompanied by parents to build positive experiences and independence for children

Children 4-6 years

A complex sports program based on a mix of athletics, gymnastics, games and mental exercises

Children 6 – 9 years

Comprehensive multisport program focused on team spirit through learning the basics of 6 sports

Children 8 – 11 years

Conditioning sports programme aimed at training physical abilities and strengthening regular movement habits

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2 - 4 years

4 – 6 years

6 – 9 years

8 – 11 years

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Jan Cap


John Dimech

Regional Manager – North

Kersty Fenech

Regional Manager - South

"Our wish is that children fall in love with sport. For this reason we want to present sport to children in a playful way and not as a stresfull activity full of drills. We want every Gymnathlon training to be a positive experience when children forget about the world around them and come back excited and happy. We want Gymnathlon to be one of the first steps on the path to a lifelong love for sport."

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