Registrations for summer courses and camps are OPEN!
Registrations for summer courses and camps are OPEN!


  • Přihlašování bude spuštěno 1. června 2021.
  • Všem aktuálním účastníkům pošleme včas email s personifikovaným registračním odkazem.
  • Noví zájemci se mohou registrovat po výběru preferovaného kurzu přímo přes náš web.
  • Kdo nevydrží do září, může se zúčastnit našich letních kempů anebo v rámci letní přípravy trénovat podle našich online tréninků ;-)

Frequently Asked Questions

1/ Can I ask for a refund if for some reason I don't want to continue the course?
Yes, we guarantee a 100% refund if you inform us no later than 5 days after the attendance of the first session you registered for. If you decide to cancel your membership later we will deduct from total membership EUR 12 for each session and a one-time administration fee of EUR 5. After the 5th session it is no longer possible to request a refund. 

2/ Are there still places available in the courses?
There are still places available in all courses for which registration is possible. If it is no longer possible to register for the selected course, then the maximum number of participants has been reached and you can only be put on the waiting list.

3/ Can I register for a course that has already started?
Yes, you can, if there is a free place in the course. The membership price begins to decrease after the end of the second lesson in proportion to the remaining lessons. The current price is always indicated in the course description.

4/ Can I enrol my child in the course if s/he has not yet reached the required age for the course?
No.  As certain physical and psychological development of the child is necessary, we only accept children who reach the required age no later than one month after the first lesson. In such a case, please contact us.

5/ Can I change the location of the course?
Yes, it is possible to change the location if the course you have chosen is not fully booked. In such a case, please contact us.

6/ Why do some courses start too early and are named as “After school programs” , is it not possible to transport my child to the course?
Some courses are organized as an after-school activity for school children. A few schools are not willing to accept children outside the given school. This is always stated in the course description.

7/ Can I transfer my child to a course for older children during the scholastic year  if he has already reached the required age?
This is possible, but we really do NOT recommend it! As our program is continuous, it is always better to finish the course and start the course for older children the following semester of the following year.

8/ Can I watch my child during training in Junior and SportMix courses?
Parents can watch their children during the first session, after that it is no longer possible because it distracts the children. At the same time, we are aware that you want to be informed about the progress of your child. For this reason, each child will get a game plan and after each training session we send you an email with a report together with photos from the training.

9/ If I register my child for Gymnathlon Baby, can I bring a younger sibling with me?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to participate in the course with another child. This sports program captures joint exercises between parents and children, where the parent's attention is an important part throughout the lesson. Any other child would distract you and disrupt the flow of the course.

10/ Can a pregnant woman attend a baby course with her child?
Yes, this is not a difficult exercise for parents. The parent acts as a guide for her child and helps the child with exercises. Over the time, the role of the parent decreases as the child feels more confident and becomes more independent

11/ Can a child with a medical or a developmental condition attend the course?
Yes, we try to include all children. Before registering, please contact us and, based on your information, we will assess whether it is possible to accept your child in the course. However, we must inform you that this is a collective sport and individual care of children is not possible. The child must be able to follow simple instructions and not disrupt the flow of the entire course.

12/ What kind of clothes and shoes do the children need for the course?
No uniforms are required, we recommend any sports clothes and sturdy indoor shoes (with white and light soles), which are ideal for sports and safe training. Kids can bring bottle of water.

13/ Do the courses also take place during public holidays?
No, there are no courses during the public holiday, we follow the school calendar with minimal deviations. You are always informed in advance if the lesson does not take place for one reason or another. .

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"Our wish is that children fall in love with sport. For this reason we want to present sport to children in a playful way and not as a stresfull activity full of drills. We want every Gymnathlon training to be a positive experience when children forget about the world around them and come back excited and happy. We want Gymnathlon to be one of the first steps on the path to a lifelong love for sport."

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